Is Tau dispensable?

The heart provides energy to the circulation system. How powerful the muscle is played a key role in terms of cardiac function assessment. Tau is directly related to the active relaxation of the left ventricle, no alternatives so far.

A Brief History of Tau with Links You Might Need!

A Brief History of Tau

1976, Tau was born in John Hopkins.
1992, the first non-invasive try, Harvard.
1992, the first formula, with four assumptions, Harvard.
1993, another non-invasive try with decent data, Mayo Clinic.
1995, a similar strategy applied to AI patients, Japan.
1995, I published a MR based formula with one assumption.
1997, the Harvard formula was validated in Cleveland.
2005, Langer presented a non-zero asymptote model.
2008, I improved my MR based formulas, without assumption.
2008, I did a similar deduction for AI based Tau.
2008, Chen developed program for my formulas, free download.
2008, my poster in ASE 19th Annual Scientific Sessions.
2009, my poster in CSE forum.
2009, DF guideline (ASE) recommended Harvard formula.
2009, I gave my opinion about the guideline recommendation.
2009, "Response to Bai" from guideline writing group. It motivated me to create this Blog.
2010, Dr Wang and me presented general Tau.
2011-11-29, I gave a talk in National Capital Echo Round (Ottawa)
2016-03-29, I gave a talk at the Heart Institute, the North Hospital (Shenyang, China)
2016-04-01, I gave a talk at the Cardiac Function Dept., the 1st Clinical College, Chinese University of Medicine. (Shenyang, China)
2016, Symmetry inspired by the approach of Tau.
2017, Calculation of LAP (based on my formulas) got a Chinese Natural Science Founding.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Who Killed Tau?

Tau is the best index to describe diastolic function, however, this indispensible index can only be measured in a catheter lab.  In our daily clinic, it is dead. Who killed it?

1992, Dr Thomas invented a non-invasive measurement method of Tau and “verified” it experimentally at the same time:

1997, this method was “validated” in Cleveland Clinically:

Unfortunately, this method is wrong. The formula was developed with too many bold assumptions that inflicted logic flaws:

It is common sense that a logically flawed formula cannot be verified with a decent approach. Anyway, quite a few researchers hopped on the bandwagon, kind of like the Emperor’s New Clothes parade. The parade was on and on till recently when almost all the participants left. 

Never underestimate the influence of big names. Other Tau researchers found it hard to get their papers published since. Good news is Mindray launched the Tau-measurable Echo machines in 2017 and the machines are sold all over the world except North America. So, in North America, Tau is dead, at least for now.  

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