Is Tau dispensable?

The heart provides energy to the circulation system. How powerful the muscle is played a key role in terms of cardiac function assessment. Tau is directly related to the active relaxation of the left ventricle, no alternatives so far.

A Brief History of Tau with Links You Might Need!

A Brief History of Tau

1976, Tau was born in John Hopkins.
1992, the first non-invasive try, Harvard.
1992, the first formula, with four assumptions, Harvard.
1993, another non-invasive try with decent data, Mayo Clinic.
1995, a similar strategy applied to AI patients, Japan.
1995, I published a MR based formula with one assumption.
1997, the Harvard formula was validated in Cleveland.
2005, Langer presented a non-zero asymptote model.
2008, I improved my MR based formulas, without assumption.
2008, I did a similar deduction for AI based Tau.
2008, Chen developed program for my formulas, free download.
2008, my poster in ASE 19th Annual Scientific Sessions.
2009, my poster in CSE forum.
2009, DF guideline (ASE) recommended Harvard formula.
2009, I gave my opinion about the guideline recommendation.
2009, "Response to Bai" from guideline writing group. It motivated me to create this Blog.
2010, Dr Wang and me presented general Tau.
2011-11-29, I gave a talk in National Capital Echo Round (Ottawa)
2016-03-29, I gave a talk at the Heart Institute, the North Hospital (Shenyang, China)
2016-04-01, I gave a talk at the Cardiac Function Dept., the 1st Clinical College, Chinese University of Medicine. (Shenyang, China)
2016, Symmetry inspired by the approach of Tau.
2017, Calculation of LAP (based on my formulas) got a Chinese Natural Science Founding.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Dr James Thomas, Please Retract Your Tau Papers

According to COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics)’s Retraction guidelines, your Tau papers should be retracted since your Tau formula was developed based on FOUR bold assumptions which inflicted at least two logic flaws:

It is common sense that an incorrect theory cannot be validated by decent experiments. Fact is in the whole past year, nobody had used this formula in their projects. (Google Scholar)

Fair to say that quite a few papers need to be retracted, yet just left to rest in peace. Your Tau papers are different because they are from Top authors, top journals and top institutions. They are dominant forces which can easily destroy the other similar endeavors.

For more than 20 years, I have sent you five private letters to try to clarify this issue, never got a reply. Silence is not always gold. If we choose to leave it alone, some direct consequences are:

1) Some researchers will use your formula again in the future. It is a waste of time, energy, money and animals…it is also misleading to clinicians.
2) I developed some Tau formulas with universal mathematical laws. However, researchers based on my formulas found it hard to get their papers published due to your papers. So, retraction of your papers can set Tau free.

We all make mistakes. Early this year, Nobel laureate Frances Arnold tweeted to retract her paper and got tons of praise.

Tau calculation is a tough question in Echocardiography. Especially in the case of your Tau formulas, you probably are the only one who can move things forwards. Don’t hesitate to let me know if I am wrong.

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